ACME's award-winning, online platform provides sustained connections between industry professionals and the classroom. The platform facilitates work-based learning by immersing students in an online culture of professional standards and practices that include peer and professional review of student work.  

ACME ON-AIR utilizes videoconferencing throughout the school year to link multiple and multi-state classrooms with professionals in live, weekly interactions. During these telecasts, students pitch their work to the pros and benefit from the comments given both to themselves and to others. The pros also provide specific skills instruction and career guidance. 

ACME ONLINE is a 24/7 community that offers students the opportunity to upload and present projects for criteria-based, constructive feedback from peers, teachers, advanced students, and professionals. Students can progress through three levels of mastery based on the quality of their work and participation as peer mentors. The ACME online platform offers instructional videos, teacher/group management features, curricular content, virtual internships, and professional development for participating teachers and students.







ACME occupies a unique place in distance learning.  ACME is the first, and still the only, organization to offer and aggregate a virtual mentoring, and collaborative work-based learning environment in which industry sets the bar, guides the learning, and students advance through authentic assessment and community participation.

ACME's model is highly effective, designed to be scalable, and can be adapted to many career paths.