"ACME has been the missing link between students and professionals, the people that are working in the industry everyday. As a professional, being able to talk to a specific student, to give a specific note and to have that tumble away into the internet and be captured by people around the world is spectacular, and it is the reason I really enjoy my association with ACME.  You walk away from it thinking the information didn’t stop with me, and that’s important.  ACME students are able to touch and feel the professionals, to see them in their work environment, ... and develop a relationship with them. There is a better likelihood the professional can say, 'I know you; I've worked with you; I've seen your face across the camera.'  Then, when there is a job opening, that student is going to have an advantage." 

Don Hahn • Disney

“What is really unique about ACME is its critique and collaboration process, which is so valuable.  ACME brings in a wide range of studio professionals who view student work, give feedback on it, and see the results when students show their revisions.  Also, even if ACME students choose a career path outside of animation, the communication, critical thinking, collaborative, and problem-solving skills they have learned are very, very important.   You have a great system…very well thought out.  I would like to see ACME be the consistent program in all the schools and all 109 community colleges.   It’s proven, it’s successful, and it combines the professional, academic, and curricular aspects.”

Sande Scordos • Sony Imageworks

"ACME really engages and motivates my students. When they receive written feedback on their work, they want to participate more and write better comments to their peers because they want to merit the serious feedback from the higher-level students and the professionals. The language arts skills this program offers are phenomenal!"

Robert Moreau • Digital Imagery Instructor  • Roosevelt High School • East Los Angeles, CA

"I’ve been involved with the ACME program for many years. ACME has been a wonderful tool to use in the classroom. There are teacher training sessions, workshops, and support throughout the year. Through ACME, students become part of a community of learners and gain real world experience by learning to work collaboratively, meet deadlines, accept constructive criticism, and develop communication skills." 

Camilla Avery • Animation Instructor • Jefferson State College • Birmingham, Alabama

"ACME was great when I was a student, and I’m so happy to see that it gets better every year. We learned so much from the telecasts themselves. By adding the online posting and review component, the students have so many more opportunities to show their own work, see and critique the work of others, and interact with fellow animation students from across the country to a degree we never imagined possible ten years ago."

David Chai • ACME Grad • Animation Instructor •  San Jose State University • San Jose, CA   

"Mentoring and receiving feedback on ACME from college instructors, students, and industry professionals has motivated my students to come to class, stay in school, and learn. They are acquiring collaboration, problem solving, and communication skills while having fun.  As they learn to give constructive feedback to others, their written skills are improving, and they look forward to mentoring other students."  

Don Isbell • Animation and Digital Design Instructor • Century High School • Santa Ana, CA

"ACME Online gave me an opportunity to develop my work and gain important feedback from professionals and students alike. I also believe one of the best ways to learn is through helping others. Often the feedback I gave would apply in some way to my own work, and I would go back and adjust it accordingly.”

Tim Hollyman • Electronic Arts Studio • Bournemouth & Poole College • London 

"I consider all the feedback I received from the pros on ACME invaluable.  I also learned quite a lot from my fellow students.  Being able to listen to each other’s critiques was such a wonderful learning opportunity.  It felt like we were working together as a team, which is an important part of the professional environment."   

Jennifer Wood •  Nickelodeon • Cal State Fullerton • Fullerton, CA

“ACME got us in touch with the industry professionals. It also brought together many schools so that we were not only learning from those around us, but also from students all over the world.”

Bruce Kuei • Pixar • Laguna College of Art & Design • Laguna Beach, CA