Once they graduate from their school that is participating on ACME, students may remain in the ACME community as they refine their portfolios and mentor others.  The graduates featured below are at the intermediate or advanced levels on ACME, while they continue their education or join the workforce.  They have progressed to these levels based on their work and on the value and consistency of their feedback to other community members.  Their achievements and the recommendations of ACME staff, pros, and teachers have qualified them for scholarships. Once they graduate, they -- and all ACME grads -- may remain in the ACME community as they refine their portfolios and continue to mentor others.



WHERE SHE IS NOW: Master's Student in Human Centered Design and Engineering • University of Washington

HER ACME SCHOOL: Diablo College (Arthur Scott King, instructor)  

SCHOLARSHIP TO: Animation Mentor 

"ACME Animation is a great program that allows students to better hone their skills in animation by receiving feedback from mentors and industry professionals. I received constructive critiques that helped me develop my technical knowledge and the finite details that make an animation more appealing. Human Centered Design and Engineering is a combination of all my passions, which I discovered through exploring my interests in animation and technology."



WHERE HE IS NOW: Game Animation • Obsidian 

HIS ACME SCHOOL: Coastline College (Don Isbell, instructor)

SCHOLARSHIP TO: Animation Mentor

“Growing up, I have been very lucky to have had a number of great teachers. Great in the sense that they inspired me to dig deep and work hard, and they instilled values that helped shape who I am. I count the ACME community and the ACME and Animation Mentor professional mentors as some of those wonderful teachers  I have had."



WHERE HE IS NOW:  Animation Mentor Student

HIS ACME SCHOOL: Diablo College (Arthur Scott King, instructor)

SCHOLARSHIP TO: Animation Mentor

 “I’m sure any artist you ask would say that his/her artwork is very personal. ACME has helped me grow out of my shell by encouraging me to put my work out there for other students and professionals to critique. It was scary, knowing the possibility of negative comments. However, the high level of professionalism shown by the ACME community mentors has changed my view of showing my work. Without their feedback, how else could I grow?" 


colleen CastlemaN

WHERE SHE IS NOW: California Institute of the Arts

HER ACME SCHOOL: Capistrano High School (Kent Baker, instructor) 

SCHOLARSHIP TO: Animation Mentor

"Thanks for providing me with the opportunity to share my work with professionals on The ACME Network and receive feedback to improve my work. I've learned about all sorts of things, not just animation, like how to impress with a demo reel or how to make a job recruiter remember your interview. It was a really great experience!"