You'll see a lot about animation on our website. ACME Animation is our flagship program that links classrooms with experts in the creative industries via ACME On-Air and ACME Online. Launched in 1996, the program has involved professionals from studios such as Warner Bros., Disney, DreamWorks, Sony, Pixar, Blue Sky and countless others. The program continues to grow and thrive and remains pivotal to our mission as we branch out to other industries and areas of work-based learning. 



We started with animation for multiple reasons, it continues to be foundational to our mission. 

Here are a few such reasons:

  1. As a field, animation is not only media-rich, but also discipline-rich.  Know-how in subjects ranging from physics to math to anatomy to language arts is required to “animate” ideas in a clear and compelling manner.

  2. Today, roughly 80% of all information received by viewing it on a screen.  Visual literacy is imperative our 21st century world.

  3.  Animation is used in such ‘next century industries” as biotechnology, biomedicine, aerospace, geological imaging, microelectronics, and defense.  It is also a part of almost any field you can name.

  4. Jobs for artists and designers were predicted to increase by 42% between 2012 and 2016.

  5. Employment in many creative industries is growing faster in the labor force as a whole.  By some estimates, creative constitute 30% of the nation’s workforce



In our early days, we started New Media Academies that became the statewide model in California.  We also completed a pilot project for the National Science Foundation, developed a screen-  literacy program with the American Film Institute, ADD ONE MORE THING, and among other initiatives.

Currently, in conjunction with a school district, three community colleges, 10 high schools and industries in Southern California, we create career pathways in legal services, engineering design, biotechnology, digital media, networking, and software systems & development.