A nonprofit educational organization, The ACME Network advances lifelong learning, career readiness, innovation, and social responsibility. 



The ACME Network brings the workplace - its world-class experts, standards, and practices - into the educational environment on an ongoing basis, leveling the playing field for all learners, closing the gap between school content and industry expectations, and facilitating seamless college and career pathways for students in middle school through college. 


how we do IT

ACME provides relevant, real-world learning experiences via its award-winning, time-tested, online mentoring platform. 

ACME works with industry experts and educators to design, implement, and advance innovative and successful career preparation programs that include skills development, peer and professional mentoring of student work, industry-aligned curricula, workshops, project collaboration, worksite visits, job shadowing, and internships. 



ACME has taken an integrated approach to creating industry-led, work-based learning opportunities for students and teachers.  Student projects, professional development, curricula, instruction, industry mentoring, assessments, and competitions are all interrelated.

Industry involvement that is sustained (not one-shot), thoughtful (designed), and effective (measurable) is key to the success of our integrated approach. 

To address this need, we have tackled the challenge of distance and time constraints that prevents industry from conveniently and effectively working with classrooms.  We created an online program that provides two complementary virtual components:  ACME “On-Air,” launched in 1996, and “ACME On-Line,” launched in 2002.  

Both components bring together students, educators, and industry professionals in a like-minded culture of creative enterprise in which each participant is both a learner and a mentor, and everyone has access to all community exchanges.  Industry establishes the standards, work methods, behaviors, principles, curricula, and feedback protocols. 


awards & recognition


USDLA International 21st Century Award for Best Practice in Distance Learning

CETF Vial Awards for Digital Inclusion in California: Outstanding Performance by an Organization and Individual

CENIC Award for Innovation in Education

Recognition by The James Irvine Foundation and WestEd as an Innovative and Effective Work-Based Learning Model in California                              

Recognition in the California Governor's Legislative Report as an Innovative Strategy and Career Technical Education Model

Exemplary Program Award from the Alliance for Distance Education in California